For the longest time, education has believed that children are the future, that ‘ONE day’ they will grow up and make the world a better place. And in waiting for that ‘One day’, education has deferred the promise that it made to its children to help them become creative, proactive, empathetic and responsible citizens. This resulted in children graduating with the ‘I CAN’T’ mindset.


What ifEvery Today - education believed its mission was to empower every child with the ‘I CAN mindset’ – that children are ‘Not helpless, Change is possible and They can drive it’.

What if - a group of adults, teachers and leaders spearheaded this new belief about children and their potential- so that EVERY TODAY the world woke up to the potential of their children.

What if –there was a simple framework that made this possible – EVERY TODAY!


Design for Change is offering the world a magic formula! A simple four step framework to make every child graduate with the I CAN mindset – not by chance – by design!

We call this magic formula - FIDS for KIDS!!

FEEL – empathy – nurture the heart

IMAGINE- ethics – grow the head

DO – excellence – use the hands collaborative action and agency

SHARE – elevation – inspire hope – I can , now you can too!


Design for Change invites you to be a part of this empowering journey - where we will join the best minds from around the globe as every child deserves the best OF us to realize the best IN them.



  • 40+ Countries

    5th BTC Beijing, China (Dec 10-11) 18 Participating Countries

    Resource Material Development (Story Curriculum, FIDS)

    Completion of the 2nd Year of DTG Pilot

    I CAN School Platform

    Increased Footprint in Latin America

    collaboration with Wash United- 2nd Phase

    Listed on the Global education Innovation Initiative (GEII) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

    Ashoka Globalizer

  • 8000+ stories | 32+ countries

    4th Be The Change Conference at Mexico

    HGSE Research Validates DFC Builds Empathy

    Dfc Recognized as an Action Step to Address UN Global Goals

    Successful Completion of DTG Pilot

    Kiran Receives the Asia Game Changer Award

  • 7000+ Stories | 28 Countries

    3rd Be The Change Conference in India

    Sea of Change

    Top 10 Champion of Re-imagine Learning Challenge

    Global Teacher Prize Finalist

  • 6000 Stories | 20 Countries

    2nd Be The Change Conference

    Launch of Design Thinking Guide

    Launch of Every Child Can Documentary

    DFC Publications

  • 5000 Stories of Change 13+ Countries

    Be The Change Conference

    Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Award

  • 4000 Stories of change 11 Countries

    Index Award

    I CAN Book First Edition

  • DFC goes Global

    1500 Stories of change

    Raffi composes i can song

    Impact Research by Goodwork

  • DFC launched in India

    700 Stories of change

    Kiran speaks at TED India