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Design for Change empowers children and youth across Bhutan to FEEL, IMAGINE, DO, and SHARE, creating positive change in their communities and happiness for all!

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ELC Thimphu's 2010 DFC Story - Say No to Packaged Food!
Baptong PS's 2013 DFC Story - We and Our Dress
Ragaytung PS's 2014 DFC Story - Bamboo-zled!
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Since 2010, Design for Change has enabled children and youth across Bhutan to FEEL what bothers them, IMAGINE creative solutions, DO actions to implement their ideas, and SHARE their achievements through their STORIES OF CHANGE, creating positive change in their communities and happiness for all. Now, children are saying "I CAN!" instead of asking "CAN I?"  

DFC is also perfectly aligned with Bhutan's concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), a holistic approach to sustainable development and human well-being. DFC is achieving the Bhutan Ministry of Education's mandates of Educating for GNH, Life Skills education, Social Emotional Learning, and 21st century pedagogies. 

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) joined Design for Change in 2010 as DFC Bhutan Country Partner after a visit from Founder Kiran Bir Sethi. Now in 2016, DFC has spread to 30 partner schools across 13 districts and continues to reach new schools across Bhutan today.  

Over the past 6 years, Bhutan's Design for Change Schools have shared 77 inspiring "Stories of Change" and have empowered over 2,600 students across Bhutan!

To get involved and bring Design for Change to your school or community, please contact:

77161996 / 17479886


DFC Country Partner

ELC High School, Thimthrom

P.O. Box 399, Motithang

Thimphu, Bhutan