DFC Bhutan Timeline 2017

2nd May                       All partner schools receive updated DFC information pack through mails.

May Week 1-2            Schools make sense of the DFC idea and clarify with Country Partner by phone, email, fax, letter etc

May Week 3                Schools sign up for School challenge at http://challenge.dfcworld.com/#

May 3- 4                      Formation of DFC clubs and groups and start of the 4-step DFC process.

June - August             Schools go through the full 4-step DFC process and start documenting their Stories of Change.

September                  Schools refine their documentation, start submitting their Story of Change to DFC Bhutan Country Partner.

1st October                Final deadline for submission of Stories of Change.

November                   All Stories of Change are submitted and judged by an international jury in India.

December                  DFC Bhutan Awards Ceremony.


The submitted Stories of Change will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Number of people benefited;
  • Creativity, innovation and boldness;
  • Change in both others’ and the students’ lives;
  • Large impact;
  • Easily replicable;
  • Environment-friendly.

For more information and expressions of interest, please contact DFC Bhutan at the addresses below.

Contact details

ELC High School (Educating for Lifelong Citizenship)

DFC Country Partner for Bhutan

P.B. 399 Motithang, Thimphu

Phone: 77161996 / 17479886             Fax: 2-323829      

Email:  designforchangebhutan@gmail.com