Our Stories

Initiated by the Children

Children initiate their projects to help themselves, the school, the community or the country as a whole.

  • national day

    Jaafar Wahbeh came up with the idea of National Day, that he spread to different companies and organizations. He signs with different companies and has them choose a suitable date for them to carry out any kind of charitable act to help in the community. Jaafar has signed with more than 18 companies around Jordan and many of which have already celebrated their National Day and helped make change around the community. Jaafar is still sharing his project and signing more and more contracts.

  • We Are Equal

    Yanal, Abdelrazak, Mais, Hala, Marriam and Yara, a group of 10 year olds, wanted to reduce inequality in the world. They initiated a project to spend time with the less fortunate to ensure that equality is on its way. They felt that some kids around the country are unable to spend a day out playing and having fun in the play areas they are able to go to. They imagined how happy they could make these kids by taking them to a place to enjoy their time, play and have fun. The six members of the group were able to put the amount needed for everything on their own and happily donated it to make this day happen. With the supervision of their mothers, they picked up children from an orphanage on a bus, took them to a play area, had lunch together and spent a day to remember.

  • The R's Hands

    A group of Third Grade girls decided they wanted to start recycling in their school. It bothered them that lots of things are put in the trash and going to waste even though they could be used in many other ways or recycled. They imagined a school where everything that is not needed would either be recycled or reused.

    The girls decided to place labeled boxes in their classroom (paper, plastic, other) to start the sorting process for the recycling in their classroom. Everything collected will be either reused and made into something else or taken to a recycling site. The boxes will now be distributed to all classrooms and encourage the whole school to start recycling. 

  • Green Tree Association

    While learning about global warming and climate change, a group of fifth grade girls couldnt help but feel the sadness of the planet with what it is going through. Through research and digging deap into how climate change could be stopped or slowed down, they found out that trees are their best bet. They imagined the community getting filled with trees and people start planting everywhere. Afterall it is a way to try and stop the pain of the planet.

    The group decided to start with raising awareness at their school. They talked to all grade levels and told them what was really going on with the planet and about global warming and displayed the facts about how we, as the inhabitants of the planet, could help. Their idea was for every classroom to start by planting a certain number of trees. The trees could be planted on the school campus or anywhere they choose around town. Their goal is to spread the word and get people all over Jordan to start planting and saving the planet. 

  • Boxes of Warmth

    Jana and Salma thought of the cold winter days and nights and how the less fortunate would not have a way to stay warm. The girls thought of a way for people to donate any winter items in good cindition they may no longer need at their homes. The girls designed the boxes with the help of the older students at their school and displayed them to collect the items in the halls of their school. Then they took everything collected to be sorted to finally be distributed to those in need through Under My Olive Tree Association.