Founder & Chairperson

Kiran Bir Sethi is a Designer who became a Teacher, a Principal who grew into an Education Reformer and subsequently morphed into a Social Entrepreneur. A trained Graphic Designer, she comfortably uses the language of Design – iteration, prototype, design specs – to develop not only curriculum innovation, but also community-based Social Programmes.


Dear Partner and Well Wishers,

While it has been a truly enriching experience to run Design for Change for the last 9 years from Riverside Education Foundation in India, it was time for it to become a global entity, with a formal structure and a board leading the way forward.

On 25th May, 2018- Design for Change was formally organised as a not for profit entity - Design for Change, Global - based out of Boston and with branches in Madrid and India.

To offer their insights, wisdom and experience in shaping the vision of DFC Global of empowering every child with the I CAN MINDSET, it is my personal pleasure to introduce the first round of board members - invited from my global partners to guide us every two years.

I thank you for your continued support and committment to the cause of a more humanE world!


Monica Canton De Celis Calvo has Degree in Law from the UCM. 3rd generation of Masteryourself.

She has been the Design for Change Spain Coordinator and external expert of Law and team coach in the University of Mondragón degree of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation (Teamlabs Madrid) She is also Honorary Collaborator of the Department of General Didactics, Specific and Theory of Education of the Faculty of Education, of the University of León

Between others, she has worked for the Spanish Red Cross as Provincial Director of Volunteering and Training (León), Provinicial Director of Fundraising and Legal Affairs (León) and as Provincial Secretary (Cádiz). She adores travelling wth her son, Álvaro.